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Friday, October 2, 2015

Christian Apologetics Journal Vol. 13, No. 1/ Spring 2015

Yesterday I received the most recent copy of Southern Evangelical’s journal titled Christian Apologetics Journal (CAJ). It contains a piece I wrote on Christology in the Letter (epistle) to the Hebrews. The article does double duty to talk about Christology, but it’s primarily an apologetics piece. It defends the fact of Christ being God’s final revelation, the historical Jesus being one and the same as the “Christ of faith” (Hebrews does not bifurcate the two as does modern critical scholarship), and the blessings Hebrews (and Christ and Christianity) holds for the postmodern man. Perhaps the most poignant remark is the one I make in where I state that apologetics is about defending the Christian Faith. And Christology is the heart of the Christian Faith, and so Christology is not dead, or else apologetics is dead. Part of the reason I would say something like that is to encourage apologists and wanna-be apologists with the fact that if you are going to “defend the faith,” then you should probably have a decent grasp on the tenets of the faith (e.g, Christology, soteriology, bibliology, and revelation), and the Book in which the Faith is explained and through which it is brokered.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SES T.E.A.M. Event at Community Baptist Church, Lagrange, NC 2015

SES T.E.A.M. in Lagrange, NC
Simon Brace teaches the Youth
Conference attendees of Community Baptist Church
SES T.E.A.M. at Q & A
T.E.A.M. member Donald Sanchez
Pastor Jeremy Varner, his wife Allison, and youth pastor Dustin Dupre's wife Flora