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Friday, May 18, 2012

Part 7, Notes from “Sacred Marriage,” by Gary Thomas

In chapter eleven, Thomas offers what he calls a “Christian understanding of sex.” Among other statements concerning the abuse of sex throughout the centuries, and how the Church has abused it through celibacy or making it look like something bad (within marriage), Thomas writes, “Remember – every hunger that entices us in the flesh is an exploitation of a need that can be better met by God. The only context for godly sex is marital sex. Illicit sex is spiritual junk food – immediately sweet, but something that will poison our spiritual appetite until we crave that which will ultimately destroy us” (210). His point throughout can be summarized, I think, in this: God created sex to be between a married man and woman and thus it can only fulfill us at the deep level of our beings when it is thankfully carried out in this context.
Another interesting point Thomas makes on page 218 is as follows. He writes, “It is one thing to stand naked and relatively trim in front of your partner in your early twenties.” He goes on to ask what about in your late thirties, forties, and even sixties, you know, after the birth of kids and the husband’s metabolism has slowed down? Thomas remarks, “Continuing to give your body to your spouse even when you believe it constitutes “damaged goods” can be tremendously rewarding spiritually. It engenders humility, service, and an other-centered focus, as well as hammering home a very powerful spiritual principle: Give what you have.”

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vote for the Marriage Amendment

Problems with the cultural mantras right now:
1.      The Bible does condemn homosexuality; it’s a perversion before God.
2.      Homosexual sex is a perversion of the intention for which God created sex and the human body.
3.      No one is born a homosexual. They are born with is either male sex organs or female sex organs – what they choose to do with them is a behavior.
4.      Some Christians refuse to speak out on this issue because, they say, they might offend someone they’re trying to reach.  – But what are they trying to reach them with – a pseudo-Gospel that says you can have Jesus AND your sin?
5.      “Love” is an abused concept in our world today. It is not love to continue to allow people to live in self-destructing habits and sin without saying a word to them – you are at that point fearing man, not God (Prov. 29:25); Christians are to be watchmen on the wall (Ezek. 3:17).
6.      The gay agenda is attempting to force its morality on the entire populace. That's why the marriage amendment will prevent the state government from forcing the beliefs of the few onto the many.