This site serves as a blog for my pastoral ministry which includes commentary on culture, random topics related to Biblical studies, pastoral ministry, and Christianity in general. The site also serves as a virtual office for my seminary students and other friends. The goal is to provide encouragement to saints and direction to sinners and seekers.

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I originally wrote the following ten essays for the Lexham Bible Dictionary found on the LOGOS Bible software. Bible students utilizing these essays must cite them from Logos.
1 Peter
2 Corinthians
Sea of Galilee
Herod the Great
Matthew, Book of

I originally wrote the following five essays, "Bible," "Old Testament," "Sea of Galilee," "Behemoth," and "Cities of Refuge" about four or so years ago for a dictionary published in November, 2012. It is titled "Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture," edited by Michael Gilmour and Mary Ann Beavis and published by Sheffield Phoenix Press. You can read the heavily edited essays in that dictionary . . . .
Cities of Refuge
Old Testament
Sea of Galilee

Slideshow on Biblical Giving:

Slideshow on Biblical Revival:
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